Anonymous asked:

have you ever noticed that bi men are portrayed almost nonexistent? i have never once seen a bisexual male in anything with out them actually turning out to be gay

goshdarnbisexuals answered:


For a start, Bisexuality is so poorly represented in the media that we even have our own page of tropes. But you are absolutely right, my soft sweet sexy greyface, bisexual men are the UNICORNS OF BISEXUALITY. 

Basically, the only bisexuals TV is interested in are female ones. Why is that, I hear you cry? Well, because obviously they are only making out with a view to getting all the boys like them. Duh. This means that we see zero (zilch) bisexual dudes on TV.

Another reason behind the scarcity of bisexual men in modern media is the fact that it’s JUST SO GOSHDARN DIFFICULT TO WRITE THEM. I mean, you know how TV likes to portray gay men as effeminate because everybody who knows EVERYTHING (i.e. nothing) knows that gay men are only ever effeminate, and it’s only the straight men who are the REAL men. This means that writers and producers can find themselves in QUITE THE TIZZY when confronted by the idea of a bisexual man. I mean, what the heck are they supposed to do with bisexual men??? Portray them as real people??? Just like they should be portraying everyone, of any race or sexuality?? Not falling back on tired shitty stereotypes?? NUH UH. HOW DARE WE CHALLENGE THEM EVEN SLIGHTLY.

Even in the studies carried out by legitimate newspapers, bisexual men get left by the wayside - though this response to an article in the New York Times in December made me chuckle. THE SASS. 

Hopefully this will change! The Bi Men Weekly News is a place where bisexual men can share stories with like minded individuals, and I hope we will see more if it’s kind in the future!